Supported clients to make over $2 million

As a successful and ambitious female entrepreneur, Rachael is on a mission to empower 100,000 women to build and scale their online business, so that they can celebrate sellout program launches and create a life of freedom and choice.

She’s based in the UK but works with clients across the globe, and has trained over 5,000 people to sell with authenticity and alignment to their values.

As a sales mentor and business strategist (with 25 years experience), she gets so much joy from enabling female entrepreneurs to explode their personal brand and value, build loyal audiences on social media and feel confident to sell their services with ease, not sleaze.

"Yes, I teach the non-sleazy way to convert clients and my clients love it because it feels aligned, authentic and it’s worked wonders for growing my business.

Are you ready for it to help you grow your business too?"

Ways that you can work with Rachael...