As a successful and ambitious female entrepreneur, Rachael is on a mission to empower 100,000 women to grow and scale their coaching businesses, so that they can enjoy a life of fun, freedom and choice. She’s based in the UK but works with clients across the globe. She’s trained over 5,000 people to sell with authenticity and alignment to their values. 

Supported clients to make over $2 million


You can talk to Rachael about anything…
- How the coaching industry is changing (for the better)
- Moving an offline coaching business to online
- How to create and sell an online program (1 to Many) in just 30 days
- Daily Sales Habits for online coaches, experts and service providers
- The most common mistakes made by aspiring online coaches (and how to overcome them)

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With 25+ years sales experience and having built 2 successful six-figure businesses, there's nothing about Sales Rachael hasn't come across...

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With countless public speaking events under her belt, her very own successful Podcast and a highly engaged audience, Rachael is your 'go to' gal for connecting with your audience. 

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