4 Day Kickstart Sales Bootcamp

4-Day Online Sales and Lead Generation Bootcamp for Women Who Sell 1:1 Coaching,Group Coaching, Courses, Memberships and Masterminds

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10th - 13th January 2022

Are you ready to attract dreamy leads into your audience so you can sign more clients and create $5k months in 2022?  This is the Ultimate Sales Bootcamp and is totally UNMISSABLE.

Skip the trial-and-error and rely on these PROVEN sales strategies that you can implement in just 4 days.  
No more feeling overwhelm or filled with doubt, yay!



There's no better way to discover new tools and strategies, and claim your next level success, than with a group of other ambitious coaches, led by an award-winning multi-six-figure coach and sales expert.

This is your chance to access to a proven roadmap for sales and marketing, allowing you to unlock $5k month success, the time freedom you crave and all whilst creating impact for your clients.

Do you feel excited to unlock your next level of potential and impact in your coaching business, but somehow the results just don't seem to be stacking up?

Are you struggling to know which tasks will move the needle, and so the days just roll by without making any real progress (or sales)?  And it leaves you feeling frustrated, confused and at a bit of a cross-roads.

You wonder which way to turn next....  Create a new program? Sell more 1:1s? Spend even more hours on social media, speaking into a void of nothingness?  I know how it feels to be stood at that cross-roads.

Most female coaches are so driven to create change in the world and be a positive impact on their clients, that they don't take enough time to figure out the process for signing those clients in the first place.  Sound familiar?

Trust me, the fastest way to move forward, is to find someone who's created what you want to create, and ask them how they did it.  The slowest way is not to ask any questions and just dig in and work harder.

I'm sharing so many of the juicy strategies you've been desperate to learn, in this 4 day FREE BOOTCAMP.

Take some time to really lean-in to your goals and join me on this 4 day experience for powerhouse female coaches, jam-packed with practical and actionable strategies to sky-rocket your business.

✔️Together we'll create a rock-solid sales plan, using my proven LEADS Method, to make sure you breakthrough to consistent $5k, $10k or even $20k months.  

✔️ You'll understand the Sales Acceleration Formula so you can build the trust required to attract, nurture and convert more clients and sell-out your launches.

✔️ Discover how to build a profitable business model eco-system, with natural upsell, cross-sell and client loyalty, setting you up for a highly profitable 2022.

✔️ Learn how to convert leads into gorgeous paying clients, using feminine energy and permission-based sales techniques that'll feel really good (no more awks moments)

✔️AND there's prizes to be won by the coaches who share their breakthroughs with the group..... 1st prize is valued at $2022, with 9 other prizes to be won !!


Let me cut to the important stuff.... if you carry on doing things the same way, you'll continue getting the results you've been getting. But you're fed up with mediocre.  It's time for mastery and the powerful shift that you know you're ready for.

Maybe you've been wanting to work with a sales and business coach to breakthrough to your next level, but the investment stopped you.  Well there's GOOD NEWS..... this is totally FREE !!

And in the spirit of being really open and honest, I do hope that you continue to work with me after the Bootcamp,
but that's a choice you can make at a later date.

Every day you'll get a LIVE training workshop and the opportunity to ask questions.

And don't worry if your busy life calls you away, because you'll be provided with REPLAYS for 7 days after the Bootcamp closes.

✔️ I'll be helping you to see what's beyond your current level of income, getting crystal clear on why it's so important to you and then supporting you to create the business model that'll help you claim your income goals, no matter what.

✔️ Creating an eco-system of products and services, helping you get clarity on what to launch and when, so you can forecast your income with certainty and success.

✔️ Setting up your capacity so you work less hours, create more freedom and finally feel like the CEO you always planned to be.
✔️ Supporting you to leverage your unique superpowers and package them into the Ultimate Sales Offer, using my 7 step process.

✔️ Discover exactly what goes into an effective sales strategy and how the changes going on in the coaching industry, mean we need to adapt the way we attract and sign clients.  I'll also give you the 4 strategies I think will work best in 2022.

✔️ How to avoid the daily hustle of a Coaching Gladiator and how to step into becoming the Coaching Goddess, so you never need to feel desperate for clients again.

✔️ Introducing you to my Sales Acceleration Formula to build trust and credibility more quickly and more reliably, so that attraction marketing will really work for you.

✔️ Exploring the ways you can use a launch or evergreen strategy to maximise your income, so you feel 100% confident that you've got the right plan for you.

✔️How to attract your ideal client without chasing them all over social media, using my 5R Essentials strategy for social selling success.

✔️Growing your audience, utilising partnerships and collaborations and how to use high-value content to sky-rocket your social engagement and bring a constant flow of dream leads into your inbox.  No more guessing, no more doubting. Time to shine.

✔️How to craft magnetic messaging that will build more value and credibility into the way your audience think about you and your programs.

✔️ The daily habits that will save you time and support you in becoming a Coaching Goddess, attracting and signing clients with ease, not sleaze.

✔️ Why buyers buy and how you can optimise your sales process to drive up your conversion rates on sales calls and email sequences.

✔️ Making sure you're asking your audience to convert at the right time and using the best calls-to-action.

✔️Mastering sales calls using my high % conversion call framework, crafted over 20+ years in sales and marketing.

✔️ Mastering email with a simple yet effective sequence that's proven to strengthen trust and support you in creating passive income from one simple sales funnel.

What would it mean to you to not feel blindfolded anymore, to have a blueprint for success and for that to mean that you get hours back in your day to spend on the stuff that really matters?


If you want to unlock the next level of success in your coaching business, this is a no-brainer way to spend 4 days at the start of a new year.

Hi, I'm Rachael...

I'll be your mentor, coach and cheerleader throughout the Bootcamp - so excited for it!
I've helped over 2,000 entrepreneurs and business leaders to master sales, marketing and results-focussed strategy.

I'm an ex-corporate girl, turned entrepreneur.  And I've built and scaled my own regional Training Consultancy, based in the UK, selling training and coaching services to banks, accountancies, marketing agencies, tech start-ups and many other niches.

After running the business for 5 years, and after Covid limited the face to face events we ran, I started my online coaching business.

I immediately fell in love with the online coaching space, because I realised I could help more people, in a bigger, more impactful way.  My experience in designing and delivering over 300 bespoke courses and workshops meant that I made a fast start, but my mission is to empower and equip 100,000 women to create financial freedom, through building an online business that allows them to live their best life (so still over 97,000 women to support)

My clients have experienced big breakthroughs and first-launch results of $8k, $18k, $23k, plus I've been referred to as "THE SALES QUEEN" and "the best kept secret in the online coaching world". That made me feel really proud.


It absolutely is yes.  There's will be live training everyday at 7pm UK time, and in addition to this, there will be some warm up sessions too. 

Yes, they will be available for 7 days.

Results are dependent on you implementing the strategies I teach you, and cannot be 100% guaranteed, although a number of coaches have experienced results of $5k and more after implementing.  That said, I do want you to feel like you've been adequately supported, so if you don't feel this way, please email info@mysalesmentor.co.uk

Absolutely not.  You'll gain the tools and techniques to help you get started and make fast progress.
It'll be beneficial for you to meet other coaches in the community too, so you can listen and learn from the questions they ask.
If at any point you feel like the content is not clear, me and my team are on hand to help.

No not at all.  The tools and techniquesI'm sharing across the 4 days will support you in growing and scaling even further.
It'll be beneficial for you to meet other coaches in the community too, so you can create a strong network and establish partnership opportunities.