The 12-Week Certification for Coaches Who Want to Build a World-Class Group Coaching Program and Get Fast and Certain Results (for their clients AND their business too)

Become a CERTIFIED SPRINT2RESULTS COACH and scale your business by building a reputation of fast and certain client results!!

Do you want to....

  • Create a Group Coaching Program that gets industry-leading results in the fastest possible time?
  • Build a reputation as the Coach who delivers on their program promise with absolute certainty every time?
  • Stand up as a leader in your niche, trail-blazing your way to outstanding client transformations which have everybody raving about your work?
  • Serve your clients at the highest level, leveraging your time and talents with a One to Many Sprint Coaching Program?

Because you're ready to....

  • Scale your Coaching business beyond 1:1 programs so you can stop trading time for money and finally feel like you have a business instead of a job
  • Expand and elevate as a Coach, learning the proven method for leading a cohort to fast success
  • Receive more powerful client testimonials and celebrate client loyalty and upsell to your high-ticket offers
  • Sell a Group Coaching Program WITHOUT a live launch, in the simplest, most effective way in the industry

You're invited to get Certified in the proven SPRINT2RESULTS™️ Method of Group Coaching so that you can coach your clients to fast and certain results.... and sky-rocket your own success as an industry-leading coach too !

One of the trickiest things about the online coaching space is STANDING OUT
Because oh my goodness there's a lot of Coaches in the space right now!
And so there should be, because it's the most rewarding job in the world to support the growth and success of others.

The industry is forecast to soon be worth $35 billion, and you sure wanna grab a slice of that, so how can you make sure that you don't just blend in to the background?

The answer.... 
get your clients FAST and CERTAIN results....
which is exactly what I'm going to teach you inside the SPRINT COACHING ACADEMY....

And you'll graduate as a Certified SPRINT2RESULTS™️ Coach in 12 weeks or less

12 weeks of LIVE GROUP COACHING, giving you the proven strategy to


You'll get a plug and play process for designing your world-class group coaching program, that's already been proven time and time again


You'll learn how to market a group coaching program and have your dream clients begging to work with you, without doing an exhausting live launch


You'll discover the aligned sales strategies that my clients are using to literally make millions of dollars using this proven method

Who is this high-impact program for? 

The Sprint Coaching Academy is designed for Coaches, Mentors and Course Creators who want to get Certified in a proven group coaching method, so they can accelerate the achievement of a specific result, outcome or transformation for their clients.

Whether you deliver your service online or in-person, in a digital course or live workshop series... the SPRINT2RESULTS™️ Method will always get results.

How exactly does the SPRINT2RESULTS™️ method work?

I developed the SPRINT2RESULTS™️ method after delivering 4 cohorts of my famous 3wk Book More Calls Sales Sprint.
My clients not only wanted to book more discovery calls, they wanted to be able to do it really quickly too, and with a proven process.

So, I came up with a SUCCESS formula for that GOT INCREDIBLE RESULTS. And then applied it to other coaching niches - marketing, health, branding, confidence coaching.  And the breakthroughs have been phenomenal.

✔️ Clients were excited to sign up without live launching
✔️ Results were way beyond the goals clients had set
✔️ We saw a 100X Return On Investment
✔️ 80% of clients wanted to buy an upsell offer
✔️ Testimonials were more powerful than ever before


Trust me, when you have a proven method of getting your clients the results they crave, and you can do it quickly, your clients will not only give you kickass testimonials.... they'll tell EVERYONE about you, which means you'll dramatically redue the time, energy and money needed to create growth in your business.

My mission is to help Coaches, Mentors and Online Experts to CLAIM THEIR SPACE in the industry, so that...

  • their RESULTS do the talking, and their marketing 
  • their clients SEEK them out, so they can quit hustling
  • they deliver exceptional ROI that creates EASY UPSELL
  • the transformations they create are UNRIVALLED
  • their clients stay loyal and retained as they grow

After Graduating from the SPRINT COACHING ACADEMY, you will...

✔️ Be SPRINT2RESULTS™️ Certified and be confident to lead your own clients through a Sprint transformation program
✔️ Get faster, more certain results for your clients
✔️ Be excited to add a 'SPRINT' to your own business model
✔️ Standout in your niche and get known for the epic results you create
✔️ Create stronger, more powerful testimonials from your clients... the most powerful form of marketing


PLUS.... Access this Limited Time Bonus Bundle too


Swipe the done-for-you social media templates so you can hit the ground running with the sales of your SPRINT [VALUE $222]


60 minutes Personal Strategy 1:1 Session with Rachael to make sure your SPRINT is guaranteed to totally sky-rocket your results [VALUE $497]


Bonus Masterclass - Teaching you 'How to Market and Sell your SPRINT for Phenomenal Revenue and Results' [VALUE $497]


Get access to my Kickstart your Sales Bootcamp to sky-rocket your entire sales strategy [VALUE $997]


Get my Selling in the DMs with Ease Not Sleaze Course so you become a DM selling superstar [VALUE $497]


Enrol before 5th May to grab an amazing $1,111 SAVING!!!
Limited Time Offer....

Here's a Summary of Everything You Get

👩🏼‍🎓 12 Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls [ value $6,000]
👩🏼‍🎓  24/7 support in the Community Group [value $2,000]
👩🏼‍🎓  Graduation Certificate and Celebration Event [value $500]
Plus...6 VIP Bonuses !!
🎁 Social Media Templates to help you sell your SPRINT [$333]
🎁 Personal 1:1 Strategy Session to accelerate success [$497]
🎁 Masterclass on exactly how to sell your SPRINT [$497]
 🎁Kickstart your Sales Bootcamp access [$997]
🎁 Selling in the DMs with Ease Not Sleaze Course Access[$497]


🎁 $1,111 SAVING when you join before 5th May [$1,111]

TOTAL VALUE = $12,091


How was Rachael as a Coach?

What results were you able to achieve?

What was the SPRINT experience like?

Design, Market and Sell a Sprint Group Coaching Program with the Confidence and Backing of a Proven, Plug and Play Process


Now is the time to step up and lead the way in the coaching space.

SPRINT2RESULTS COACHING is what will get your clients the results they're craving.

This is YOUR CHANCE to claim leadership, be an authority and stand in your power.


15th May and it runs for 12 weeks.  We then give you some time for submission of your Certification Assessment Documents, and then we celebration in a gorgeous Graduation Party!!

Every Coaching business model will benefit from a Sprint Group Coaching Program, so creating an offer that utilises the SPRINT2RESULTS™️ Framework is an opportunity for both beginners and more experienced Coaches.

The SPRINT2RESULTS method of coaching is a proven, plug and play framework for building a world-class group coaching program. This supports you in getting results for and with your clients, making sure your curriculum is robust, your teaching frameworks are set to a CPD standard and you are creating the transformation in the fastest possible timeframe.

Inside the Sprint Coaching Academy, we will also teach you how to Sell and Market your SPRINT2RESULTS Group Coaching Program, so you be sure to get a fantastic return on investment.

Our group coaching calls are on Mondays at 7pm UK time, and we'll have a Graduation Party at the end too !

I'd recommend at least 1-2 hours, and if you want to launch your SPRINT really soon, 3-4 hours would be best.

We will always keep cohorts as low as possible, and no more than 12, as I want to be able to dedicate myself to each and every one of you.