SELLING in the DMs

with Eaze not Sleaze

Get the Proven Messaging System for Selling in the DMs Without the Ick (or Getting Friend Zoned)

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This offer won't last forever though, it's just that I'm so committed to helping as many female coaches and service providers as I possibly can, that I'm inviting you to get fast access for fast results.

Because I know how it feels to see other women smashing their goals on social media, whilst you're left wondering what on earth you need to be doing differently to book out your calendar and attract inbound leads...
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You want to know...
😩 how to monetise your social media
😩 how to attract ready-to-buy clients
😩 how to create new relationships online
😩 how to not get friend-zoned
😩 how to feel good about sales, not sleazy

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🥂 Make enough money to have a sustainable business
🥂 Avoid ever having to have 'a boss' again
🥂 Create time freedom in your life for travel or family
🥂 Stop feeling embarrassed and icky on social media
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Hi, I'm Rachael...

I've helped over 5,000 entrepreneurs and business leaders to master sales, marketing and results-focussed strategy.

I'm an ex-corporate girl, turned entrepreneur.  And I've built and scaled my own regional Training Consultancy, based in the UK, selling training and coaching services to banks, accountancies, marketing agencies, tech start-ups and many other niches.

After running the business for 5 years, and after Covid limited the face to face events we ran, I started my online coaching business.

I immediately fell in love with the online coaching space, because I realised I could help more people, in a bigger, more impactful way.  My experience in designing and delivering over 300 bespoke courses and workshops meant that I made a fast start, but my mission is to empower and equip 100,000 women to create financial freedom, through building an online business that allows them to live their best life (so still over 97,000 women to support)

My clients have experienced big breakthroughs and first-launch results of $8k, $18k, $23k, plus I've been referred to as "THE SALES QUEEN" and "the best kept secret in the online coaching world". That made me feel really proud.