Sales, Marketing & Mindset Membership for Coaches, Therapists & Service Providers Ready to Claim More Confidence, Clients and Cash in their Business

Are you ready to master the sales, marketing and mindset to create INFINITE ABUNDANCE?
Join the Collective to get consistent clients, 3-7K cash months and absolute clarity to unleash the unapologetic, badass business woman that you are (she's just waiting for you take action!)

The Infinite Abundance Collective is for Women in Their First 1-2 Years of Business Who Are Committed AF and Ready to Claim Consistent Clients and Cash 

Right now you're probably;

> Feeling frustrated with your social media, content and engagement, and wanting to be let in on the secret to attracting gorgeous clients without feeling like your mobile phone needs to be permanently attached to the palm of your hand.

> Aware you've got some mindset monsters holding you back and you know that hanging out in a community of like-minded girlies is going to help you create daily mindset practises to kill-off your imposter and boost your badass self-belief.

> Excted to get your hands on the proven sales and marketing strategies that 6-figure earners are using to create the life of freedom that you've got your sights set on - know it's possible for you too and it starts right here and right now...

Business isn't fun when you're lonely, it's time to surround yourself with Success Sisters...

Hey, I'm Rach, and I've founded the Infinite Abundance Collective to serve women in the way that I craved when I first started my journey in to entrepreneurship.

I felt lonely.  I had umpteen questions that would whirl around my head and before I'd even found someone to ask, another 3 questions would pop up.

So I've created this community for Coaches, Consultants, Therapists, Healers, Service Providers and Freelancers to be a safe space to get support with Sales, Marketing, Mindset and all-round Business Strategy and Growth.

The best way to breakthrough to your next level of success is to LIVE YOUR NEXT LEVEL, right now!

The RESULTS you're craving...

I've been exactly where you are right now - totally convinced running a business is for you, ready to do the work, and yet struggling to piece together all the advice you've been given and implement it in a way that GETS RESULTS!

Joining the Collective gives you low investment mentorship and provides you with training, tools and community of soul sisters who you can always rely on (not to mention a coach who really cares about your success)

You'll feel seen, supported and strategically confident to make bold moves to reach your goal of 3-7K cash months.  You're 100%  in the right place!

When you join the Collective, you’ll get access to proven sales, marketing and mindset strategies that’ll support you in...

🌟 Building a profitable suite of offers with magnetic messaging and a sell-out launch plan (so you can stop leaving money on the table and start smashing your income goals)

 🌟 Sky-rocketing your success on socials using the latest, tried and tested trends in content and community building 

🌟Creating high-conversion sales funnels and passive income products to unlock the ‘money in your sleep’ results you’ve been craving

 🌟Developing rock-solid habits and mindset practices to help you accelerate into your next level of success and freedom

How will joining the Collective help you create an EXTRAordinary life?

You'll receive regular resources, trainings and activities to help you master all of the fundamental pillars of running a high income business, whether your goal right now is to create your first 3K month so you don't have to go back to your 9-5, or you're aiming for consistent 3-7K months so you can afford a bit of luxury in your life.

Here's what you'll get inside the Collective

👉🏼 Monthly Live Q&A (2 of them!), hosted on Zoom so you can connect with your Coach, get to know your membership sisters and have your most important questions answered about sales, marketing, mindset and strategy

👉🏼 Monthly Workshops on sales, marketing and mindset to give you the roadmap to create the success you crave

👉🏼 Weekly Abundance Activation Email giving you sales, marketing and mindset inspo for the week

👉🏼 Mini-Challenges and Sprints to support you with  a roadmap for momentum, inspiration and accountability

👉🏼 Celebration and Cheerleading - we all need that girl squad to help us feel amazing

 👉🏼 Savings off my in-person events, VIP Spa Days, Overseas Retreats and group coaching programs

And daily opportunities for collaboration and networking with women who are as determined as you to build an EXTRAordinary life, filled with abundance, freedom and choice!

And.... Join Today to Get This Bonus Bundle - WORTH £5,876

WORTH £997

60 minute Personal Strategy 1:1 Session with Rachael to create your Sales & Marketing Plan 

WORTH £497

Get my Money Magnet Sales Bootcamp giving you 5+ hours of training to level up every area of your sales  & marketing

WORTH £497

Get my Convert Calls Like a Pro Course so you can book more discovery calls AND convert them with total sales-pro ease

WORTH £497

Discover the secret to Selling in the DMs With Ease Not Sleaze with my most popular online course of all time

WORTH £297

Get my very own Leads Tracker to make sure you never lose track of all those new leads you'll be getting (+ training video)

WORTH £297

I'm gifting you the EXACT masterclass slides that I've used to sign dream clients, so you can launch with certainty

WORTH £297

No more procrastinating over your email sequence because you'll have the EXACT emails I've sent to sell £££££s in revenue

WORTH £1,500 (min)

Instant discount off my VIP Days, SPA Mastermind Retreat or Overseas Retreats (and the next one is in Dubai !!!) 

WORTH £997 (min)

Get Half Price Tickets to my in-person workshops and networking events - always high vibe and unmissable

Imagine having a community of badass business women around you every day.... led by a multi 6-figure coach who's committed AF to helping you get the clarity, clients and cash to reach your next level goals!!

Here's a Summary of Everything You Get in your 12 month Membership

✔️ 2 x Monthly Hot-Seat Coaching Q&A [VALUE£6,000]
✔️ 1 xMonthly Workshop with Rach [VALUE £6,000]
✔️ Mini-Challenges and Sprints [VALUE £2,997]
✔️ Weekly Abundance Activation email  [PRICELESS]
✔️ Community Accountability [PRICELESS]
✔️ Cheerleading and Celebration [PRICELESS]

PLUS this incredible Bonus Bundle WORTH £5,876 

🎁 Personal 1:1 Strategy Session with Rachael [VALUE £997]
🎁 Get my Money Magnet Bootcamp [VALUE £497]
🎁 Get my Convert Calls Like a Pro Course [VALUE £497]
🎁 Get my Selling in the DMs Course [VALUE $£497]
🎁 Leads Tracker [VALUE £297]
🎁 High Conversion Masterclass Template [VALUE £297]
🎁 Proven Launch Email Sequence [VALUE £297]
🎁 Instant Discount off VIP Days & Retreats [VALUE £1,500 min]
🎁 Half Price Tickets to ALL in-person events [VALUE £997 min] 

There's a total of £20,873 of VALUE
in your 12 Month Membership... 

And the LIVE training and coaching, combined with the proven tools and templates you get inside the Bonus Courses.... gives a level of support and a focus on your results which is UNRIVALLED!!


⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️


Check out the VIP Packages too - giving us the opportunity to double-down on your sales and marketing strategy and give your results a giant kickstart!!



Pay in Full

  • Get a 7% Saving 
  • 12mths Membership
  • Bonuses worth £5,876

pay monthly

£197 p/mth

Pay Monthly x 12

  • Spread the cost 
  • 12mths Membership
  • Bonuses worth £5,876



Pay in Full

  • 12mths Membership
  • Bonuses worth £5,876
  • VIP Half Day Online [normally £1,200)



Pay in Full

  • 12mths Membership
  • Bonuses worth £5,876
  • VIP Full Day In-Person [normally £3,600]

I can't wait to celebrate your RESULTS


We've designed this community for women in business who are starting out or in the growth phase, aiming for 3-7K months.  Most of the tips, tools and resources you'll be given are geared to lead generation, sales, marketing, personal mastery, productivity and CEO mindset.  If you're in doubt, book a call with Rachael here

Live Workshops will be streamed on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, and Hot-Seat Coaching takes place in zoom on the 1st and 4th Tuesday of the month.  Replays will be stored and made available too, so you won't miss a single thing!

The Collective is designed as a 12 month membership and our packages and pricing supports this too.  

We hope that you won 't want to, because you'll be taking action on what you're learning and getting bigger and better results than ever before.  If  there are circumstances that do arise, then you'll need to get in touch by email.