High-Vibe Sales and Marketing Membership For Female Coaches and Service Providers

Sales and Marketing Membership for coaches and service providers who want to sky-rocket their results and reach $5k months in their business.

Dream Leads Club is for you if...

🍾You’re an ambitious coach or are relatively new to selling services online and you want to learn my proven sales strategy, the L.E.A.D.S method, which has been creating impressive results for people exactly like you

🍾 You’ve ever found social media stressful or overwhelming and you want to learn the secret to growing your business in fewer hours a day, without feeling salesy or sleazy

🍾You’re creating consistent content but are fed up speaking into a void of nothingness, when the reality is that your future clients really need your help... you just need to find each other

🍾 You’re seeing other coaches crushing it online, creating big cash months and you want the steps to create the same personal success for yourself

🍾 You're still in a 9-5 and want the stability and certainty to hand in your notice and start creating your own boundaries, freedom and choice

It's even more perfect for you if;

🥂 You're ready to achieve $5k months CONSISTENTLY without burnt out, hustle or bullish marketing

🥂 You want access to the most effective client attraction and sales strategies THAT WILL WORK IN 2023

🥂 You're an action-taker who wants fast results and  community of results-focussed women 

Let me be honest with you...

...Social media often looks like an easy route to results, and I know it feels like the more time you put into it, the better results should be, but that’s not the case.

Your ability to generate dream leads into your business consistently and reliably, is not about the time you spend, it’s every bit about the STRATEGY YOU IMPLEMENT.

I've taught over 5,000 people to sell....
🔸Creating launch results of 8k, 12k and 23k
🔸Selling out their group programs
🔸Getting 5 calls booked every single week
🔸Doubling and even trebling their email list 

Inside Dream Leads Club, you'll get access to the strategies that have helped my clients to make over $2million, as well as monthly masterclasses, community coaching and done-for-you templates to move you forwards, FASTER.

Honestly.... you aren’t the only one who struggles with lead generation

Right now, you have a choice…

Continue to struggle and do it alone......

.....or get access to a proven process for personal sales success.
I’m on a mission to empower and equip 100,000 fiercely ambitious females to grow and scale their business,
so they can create impact, income and freedom and live life with CHOICE!!

Lead Generation and Sales is what sets apart those successful female entrepreneurs you admire....

And this is your opportunity to become one of them!


When I found the formula for success, everything changed....

I’ve run my own business now for 6 years, and I’ve learned a thing or two in that time.

I’m an open book when it comes to sharing what’s NOT worked too, so you’re going to get the benefit of all of my mistakes, saving you time, energy and buckets of disappointment.

I believe that coaching should be accessible to everyone, so I'm keeping the investment on this program at ROCK BOTTOM, so you can bag yourself a 10x ROI.

And I genuinely believe that you will.

Here's how we're gonna hit your consistent $5k months together;

After enrolling, you’ll get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the welcome area, where you’ll be supported to set clear intentions for your time in the Membership, as well as a training video on my L.E.A.D.S method.  You'll also be invited to join the Community.

The curriculum gives you access to the exact strategies that I’ve used to attract my dream clients into my group coaching and 1:1 programs, and the very same strategies that have supported my clients to generate 8k, 12k, 23k months in business (from a standing start)

⭐️ The curriculum includes ⭐️

  • Defining your SUPERPOWER and unique personal value so that clients know that working with you is a no-brainer
  • Building your ‘gotta-have-it’ irresistible offer, lead magnet and messaging,
  • Growing your audience and extending your reach using credibility marketing,  
  • Doubling down on those all important income generating activities,   
  • Nailing your conversion strategy with zero sleaze, no high pressure tactics, just an aligned, authentic sales approach,  
  • Implementation, your chance to put what you’ve learnt into practice and share your experiences - also a great chance for Q&A with the group,   


"I've done 3 of Rachael's programs and I totally recommend working with her"

By the end of the Dream Leads Club you’ll be confident to show up and shine, create and sell offers with sell-out success and you’ll have had conversations with (and signed up $$) the dream clients that you’ve been well...ur… dreaming of!

I’ll be 100% honest with you though....

There’s hard work involved in creating this success.

You’re going to need to block out at least 3 hours per week to get the work done.

I don’t want you to join Dream Leads Club just because you can see that the women on this program are power-houses who graduate to bank the big bucks and live their CEO dream.

It takes commitment, so let me ask you….

💗 Do you feel committed?
💗 Can you trust yourself to follow through on your dreams with action and conviction?
💗 Are you 100% ready to work with me? (you can expect some supportive accountability as well as the sought after strategies I teach)

If you’re nodding, then I’m inviting you to click this button and join us in the Dreamiest Club in town….

Dream Leads Club is waiting for you right now….  

Hi, I'm Rachael...

I'll be your mentor, coach and cheerleader throughout the program - so excited for it!
I've helped over 2,000 entrepreneurs and business leaders to master sales, marketing and results-focussed strategy.

I'm an ex-corporate girl, turned entrepreneur.  And I've built and scaled my own regional Training Consultancy, based in the UK, selling training and coaching services to banks, accountancies, marketing agencies, tech start-ups and many other niches.

After running the business for 5 years, and after Covid limited the face to face events we ran, I started my online coaching business.

I immediately fell in love with the online coaching space, because I realised I could help more people, in a bigger, more impactful way.  My experience in designing and delivering over 300 bespoke courses and workshops meant that I made a fast start, but my mission is to empower and equip 100,000 women to create financial freedom, through building an online business that allows them to live their best life (so still over 97,000 women to support)

My clients have experienced big breakthroughs and first-launch results of $8k, $18k, $23k, plus I've been referred to as "THE SALES QUEEN" and "the best kept secret in the online coaching world". That made me feel really proud.


FREE when you join Dream Leads Club today....



My famous 12 week Sales Sprint Planning Tool, helping you simplify and strategise your sales

Value $197



A product bundle to help you sell-out on Social, including 85 Customisable Canva Templates

Value $197



My high-impact online course which gives you the tools and proven templates to sell your offers in private messaging

Value $497

Join Dream Leads Club today so you can access the support of a high-vibe community and start creating consistent $5k months

12mth Membership



12mth Membership




$297 for the entire year of 2023 !!

Pay in Full by Saturday 10th December


Once you're a member of Dream Leads Club, you'll get access to an entire online course curriculum to help you create $5K months ASWELL as monthly masterclasses, community coaching, guest experts, done-for-you templates and an epic bundle of bonuses.

They'll be scheduled in advance and will ALWAYS be available on replay for your convenience.

As a member of Dream Leads Club you'll be able to access DISCOUNTED events, VIP days and 1:1 sessions, so you'll never be left without and answer to your question or a strategy for success.

Yes, yes and yes! You'll gain the tools and techniques to help you get started and make fast progress.
It'll be beneficial for you to meet other coaches in the community too, so you can listen and learn from the questions they ask.
If at any point you feel like the content is not clear, me and my team are on hand to help.

Yes. You can pay over 12 months to help spread the cost.

You'll be given a discounted package of 1:1 coaching IF you feel that this is needed.  All you've got to do is ask.