Discover The Secret to Smashing your 6-Figure Goal, with UK Sales Expert Rachael Howourth


Get the Proven Sales and Marketing System So You Can Reach
6-Figures in your Business as a Female Coach

The Simple, Stress-Free System to Achieve 


without daily social media, hours of engagement and exhausting content creation


Because right now you're probably feeling like...

⚡️You're doing all the right things, yet frequently wondering why your bank balance is inconsistent.

⚡️Fed up, tired and overwhelmed with social media, realising that you need a more effective client attraction process.

⚡️You want to master Lead Generation, getting consistent Discovery Call Bookings and growing your Email List

⚡️As a results-driven woman, the frustration of not reaching your potential is starting to drive you nuts.

You know you need a reliable and proven strategy for growth...

And because you've got your head screwed on, you know that WHAT GOT YOU HERE, WON'T GET YOU THERE.

Imagine having a reliable blueprint to attract, nurture and sign clients in a way that feels aligned, feminine and so much easier than Instagram...

I'm sharing exactly how I created a six-figure coaching business...
... and have supported my clients to make over $1,000,000 💵

I'm lifting the lid in this workshop... giving you end-to-end what you need to know to nail your numbers in 2022.

🌟The mistakes I made that slowed me down, that once you know them... you can avoid (this will save you months!)

 🌟I'll share the nitty-gritty on the strategies that move the needle, that most coaches aren't using.
- whether you want to launch or funnel-build, I'll show you how to create BIG CASH months with ease, not force.

🌟You'll learn the methods that lead to EPIC audience growth, and 3-5 dream leads arriving in your inbox every week.

 🌟And I'll give you access to the tools and planning resources that I use to plan sell-out launches and funnels.

The BEST BIT is that I'm lazy... so you're going to get the shortcuts, the anti-burnout way to reach 6-figures!

The truth is...

...unless you follow a clear Lead Generation strategy (one that’s bespoke to you, your energy, style and personality), you could keep going round and round in circles with underwhelming results, for a very long time.

Most of the coaches I speak to are experts in their field.
And I bet you are too.

So you must be excited to transform lives, create results and impact your clients in such a positive way.
But you need to create consistent leads, to be able to create consistent income.

Breaking through to 6-Figures means you can feel the success you deserve, and enjoy freedom and choice too.

Maybe you haven’t reached the $100k milestone because;

Your coaching business is still pretty new, but you’re a natural high achiever who wants to accelerate past all the twists and turns of growing an online coaching business.

You’ve found yourself in a place of frustration due to failed launches and now is the time to discover how the successful six figure coaches make it look so easy to bank BIG CASH months.

You move 3 steps forwards, and then 4 steps back. You go round and round with ideas for lead magnets, offers, launch strategies, but nothing seems to be 'working' for you.

You’ve been working all the hours, doing all the things and you’re ready to attend a workshop that reveals the detail on how to create sell-out offers and wake up to new, incredible leads.


Day 1 

Six-figure Success Strategies

I’ll reveal the frameworks and methods that underpin every six-figure coach’s success, allowing you to work less and earn more.

- You’ll discover exactly what’s been getting in your way, and use The Coaching Growth Roadmap to give you the clarity and confidence you’ve been craving
- My Profitable Product Pyramid will help you identify what to sell and when to sell it, keeping you focussed on creating the shift you need to bank bigger months

- You'll set your income goal and get clear on your offers, pricing and growth strategy.

 - My EPIC Framework for fast audience growth, without paid ads or feeling invisible.  

- You'll get my Annual Income Tracker, Launch Checklist and Evergreen Calculator to help you plan your numbers with precision #helloprofit  

Day 2 

Six-figure Sales Plan

I'll share the BEST ways to attract perfect-fit leads, to accelerate trust and convert to paying clients with zero sleaze

- Learn how to Sell without feeling salesy or sleazy, and discover how to book more Discovery Calls

- You'll get my 15-part F.O.C.U.S Checklist that’ll guide and support you all the way to $100k

- You'll design your launch or funnel (or a combo) to guarantee your dream of six-figures becomes a reality.
- I'll support you to pull it all together into a clear 3, 6 or 12 month Six-Figure Success Roadmap.

- PLUS AN AMAZING BONUS, just for showing up,
worth $497, making this workshop a no-brainer decision for you.

The fastest way to success....

I recommend finding someone who’s built the six-figure coaching business and ask them how they did it.

And that's my cue to introduce myself...
Hey, I’m Rachael and I’ve built 2 six-figure businesses.  

In 2016, I left my 17 year corporate role as Sales Director, where I achieved targets of £100million and coached my team of 57 staff to smash their goals and develop their career and success.  

I then built (from scratch) a regional training and coaching consultancy, where I designed and delivered over 300 bespoke courses and workshops.  

And then I launched online, and fell in love with it, and haven’t looked in the rear view mirror since.  

So, now I work with ambitious female coaches all over the world, helping them build a business that creates the freedom and choice they desire in their life.  

Because that’s what you want more than anything isn’t it…  
Freedom to choose

You'll walk away from this workshop with your own proven 6-Figure Plan for launching, evergreen funnels or a combination of both,  so you can finally create the sales success you deserve.

I've taught over 2,000 people to sell in a way that feels aligned and authentic.
And my clients call me the "best kept secret in the coaching industry" 

What would it mean to you to not feel blindfolded anymore, to have a blueprint for success and for that to mean that you get hours back in your day to spend on the stuff that really matters?

This 2-Day Live Workshop received epic feedback, it's time to see why...

PLUS, you'll remain in the learning area for LIFE,
and I'm gifting you a BONUS worth $497 !!