Selling by Coaching, Not Selling

How to use the GROW model to master your sales calls in an aligned and authentic way to you

Do you enjoy selling??

I wouldn’t be surprised if you said you find it sleazy, or spammy, or makes you feel a bit yucky, that you don’t like asking for money, but thankfully I can say after 25 years in Sales, I’ve got passed that point and work in a way in which I really enjoy it (don’t worry it didn’t take me 25 years to learn that).

I want to share some tips with you to get you selling in a way which you enjoy.

🙅🏼‍♀️ You do not need to feel spammy,

🙅🏼‍♀️ You do not need to fear sales,

🙅🏼‍♀️ You do not need to hide in your jumper when you start talking money.

Coaching and selling have a lot in common…they are very similar.

You’d be forgiven for seeing Salespeople as a bit loud, or brash, over confident and a bit ‘out there’. Who recoils when you hear the expression “Gift of the gab”? 🥴

The good news is that all of those associations are a load of rubbish.

I want you to get it out of your mind that selling and sales skills are for the loud, extroverted type.

Believe me when I say, if you are a coach, you ARE already qualified to be an amazing salesperson.

Hands up who’s heard of the world renowned ‘GROW’ model (might be easier if I said hands up if you haven’t)?

G - Goal

R - Reality

O - Options

W - Way forward

That model is identical to the way that a good sales call goes ➡️

G - where does your customer want to be? What is the ideal outcome for them?

R - how different is that goal to where they are now? Challenges? Mindset issues?

O - one of your client’s options is to work with you, one of their options is to stay exactly where they are, one of their options might be to work with another coach etc etc... So you’re job when you’re on your sales call is to get explicitly clear about their goals and reality and then help them to review the options that they have.

When you’ve reached the point where it becomes clear that you are the right person to help them…You ask, “are you open to hearing how I can help you achieve that goal?”

This question gives the person you’re selling to, the opportunity to have assessed their ‘G’ and ‘R’ and their answer will either be a ‘yes’ which will give you the permission to sell 🙌🏼

Or ‘no’ and then you can work through their objection/s and find a suitable option that does get them to the ‘yes’ point.

W - getting your client to commit. “We are going to work together on this program that we’ve discussed as being the right option for your goals.”

When you’ve run through this way of selling a couple of times, I can assure you that you’ll have a newfound love for sales. It will become second nature and your sales calls will simply be a conversation between two people who can help each other.

Do you need to get some practice in?

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