How to be seen as an authority in your niche

Here are 10 top tips to get you positioned powerfully and profitably

One of the most common questions I'm asked is how to build a brand and be seen as more of an influence and authority.

I love sharing tips that you can start using today, so that's what I'm setting out here for you... 10 tips to get you positioned powerfully and profitably as an authority in your niche.

Why building authority is important

Some key questions

  • Why is it important to be an authority in your niche?
  • Does it feel important to you?
  • How important does it feel?
  • What difference do you think it'll make when you're seen as an authority?
  • What will it do for your business? What outcomes? Impacts?

My answers

  • We want to be seen as credible
  • We want to be seen as someone who posts interesting, thought-provoking and relevant content
  • We want to be seen as reliable and consistent
  • We want to be seen as knowledgeable
  • We want to be seen as someone with content worthy of sharing
  • We want to stand out in a crowded space

So ask yourself what might be stopping you as being seen as an authority in your niche?

All of these reasons amount to one thing – trust.

When we share information, we are more credible and trustworthy.

Top 10 tips for becoming an authority

1. Have an opinion

No-one wants to follow someone who sits on the fence. You can't possibly tick everyone's box. Your opinion doesn't have to be right or wrong in everyone's eyes but it has to be right or wrong in your eyes.

Be seen as a thought leader.

2. Show up and be present

There's no point in being a thought leader and having opinions then keeping them to yourself!

Wherever you choose to hang out – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn – show up regularly.

3. Write a book

The most permanent business card you could hope for. Writing a book in your niche is a great way of demonstrating you're an authority. By putting pen to paper, you've acted and you're putting your thoughts out there.

And yes, I'm working on this one too, so watch this space.

4. Speak on a stage

Don't panic: this doesn't have to be a literal stage in front of thousands of people… well, not yet anyway.

But find a platform and share your valuable content.

I've spoken on stage to thousands of people and, being honest, did the lead-up and delivery excite me? No, it was pretty daunting, and I needed to be pushed, but the outcomes have always been amazing. It's always accelerated my business and brand.

So start small, host a small Zoom room and work your way up. I promise you the results will be epic.

5. Design a methodology to support your ideal client

Build a framework that demonstrates your knowledge, skills and message and get it out there.

People who work with me know I love an acronym and that I always break my teachings down in a simplistic but powerful way.

These frameworks have become mine and what I'm so often known for.

6. Do guest experts and podcast interviews

Find people and go live in their group. People will seek you out for your opinion. If you're sharing value, my stage is yours.

7. Be seen to be hanging out with the right people

Spend time with those people who carry weight in your niche. Find opportunities to collaborate with others who share your values and build partnerships.

8. Do live video

Come on – there's no need to hide. Get a grasp of that imposter syndrome. The more you do it, the more confident you'll get.

I cannot stress enough the massive difference doing live videos has made to me, my brand, my confidence, my clients and, not to forget, my revenue.

9. Create shareable content

Produce credible content with value and not only will your audience read and value it, but they'll also want to share it too.

10. Be so good at what you do, people shout about you

Testimonials, case studies, reviews, recommendations all speak volumes towards your credibility.

Don't work really hard at getting results with your clients and forget to ask them to shout about it and you.

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