Getting Fiercely Visible

There are so many people out there who need to access your ideas and expertise, but how are they going to find you if you’re not visible?

There are so many people out there who need to access your ideas and expertise, but how are they going to find you if you’re not visible?

I’m sharing my top tips for getting more visible, more engagement and building your audience….and I don’t just mean an audience for numbers sake, I mean an ENGAGED audience.

I’ve broken it down into 4 stages when it comes to building your audience and getting truly visible.

It’s about getting your message out there and connecting with the right audience at the right time.

Introducing 🥁 my E.P.I.C framework:

E = ENGAGEMENT with your clients.

My rules of engagement are that you have to go first. It’s like seeing a good friend on the other side of the road but ignoring them until they say ‘hello’ first. You just wouldn’t do it.

So why wait for your audience to talk to you? If you show interest in them they’ll no doubt show it back to you and the more that happens the better engagement you’ll get.


I don’t mean business partners, I mean people who’ve got an audience which looks similar to yours and you want to build on that. Whether that be a Facebook community, Instagram community, email list of people who look/sound like your ideal client (obviously make sure you’re not offering the exact same services), as long as you offer services that compliment each other’s, build a partnership to leverage both of your audiences.

I build partnerships in my Sales Mastery Facebook group by inviting the members to interview each other. Which in turn leverages my audience but helps them to build visibility and connections.

Do you have people in your audience right now that you could collaborate with? Reach out now, invite them to be interviewed on your social media platform and the week later they can interview you on theirs. Showcase each other’s skills and services, get to know each other and the audience get to know you - it’s a WIN, WIN.


I’d encourage you to become an industry expert. You need to be seen as the ‘go to’ person in your industry. So when someone in your audience has a question you’re the first person they think of to answer it.

In order to do this you need to have an opinion.

Develop theories, methodologies, frameworks around how you think and how you teach. Be seen as a THOUGHT LEADER.

No-one's going to share your material and make you visible if you’ve got nothing interesting or thought provoking to say.


You’ve got to be able to develop a connection.

Your audience have to FEEL that you are someone who understands them. Not just on a surface level but deeper than that.

Understand their problems, talk about your experiences, empathise and relate to them.

I’d encourage you to go back through your last 10-20 social media posts and audit yourself.

E - are you engaging?

P - are you mentioning people you work or collaborate with? They’ll want to mention you back and therefore you’ll be appearing in front of 2 audiences.

I - how well are you positioning yourself as an industry expert? A thought leader?

C - are you connecting with people? Telling stories of experiences? Doesn’t have to be just business stories but also the personal ones. The ones that remind us you’re human.

When broken down like that, each point is simple and so easy to implement.

Throw them all together and 💥BAM💥 you’re up-levelling your business, you’re up-levelling your sales and you’re going be attracting clients like a human magnet.

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